About Us

Why did we decide to foster? My husband and I discussed foster care over many years and we researched fully before diving in.  The truth is that we had difficulty having our children, they were the result of many years of prayer and treatment at the hand of some wonderful fertility specialists.  By the time we had our 2 boys, our hearts were so filled with grat
itude for our beautiful family that we wanted to give something back.  This was our personal reason, having met many foster carers each have their own story.

We are not perfect parents but then who is a perfect parent?? We are merely loving parents genuinely doing our best. I truly believe that’s all you need to be. Our journey into foster care is just beginning, I am sure there will be tough times and things that may break my heart, but it’s not about me, it’s about the thousands of children in foster care in Australia who just need somewhere safe to lay their head each night.

One thing I do know is that you cannot judge foster children’s real parents, to do that would be wrong. Who knows what set of circumstances has bought them to this point in their lives, it could just as easily be you or me going through a tough time.