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What is Netty's World?

Netty's World is designed for young children (2-7 years of age) starting out on the Internet. It provides an interactive and safe learning environment for children and emphasises important messages about Internet safety.
NetAlert encourages parents to take their children through the online storybook, "Netty's Net Adventure" where important Internet safety messages are revealed through five adventures.
The concept of five forget-me-nots (Be Nice, Get Help, Think Again, Stay Safe and Secure and Protect What's Private) appear in the adventures and these collectively form the Internet safety messages young children should remember when using the Internet.
After Netty's Net Adventure is completed, children are encouraged to explore the "Fun and Games" section of the website, where the five forget-me-nots message is reinforced.
Children can also join "Netty's Club" where offline Internet safety activities (such as bookmarks, stickers and pencil holders) are sent free in the mail. The offline activities help remind children of the five forget-me-nots they learned in Netty's World.
Children and parents are encouraged to use Netty's World together in the family environment